Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Purpose

Hi. I'm 26 years old and I created this blog to share my experience and knowledge on training your voice from Male to Female.

I want people to know that the crap transgendered websites tell you about 'Practice Practice Practice' is bullshit.
If you had to lose weight because your muscles were weak due to you not exercising enough, do you think all you'd have to do is practice a new diet till you found one that works?
No. What you will have to do is exercise to work those muscles out.
That is the way your speech muscles work.

The female voice is no different from learning to speak another language but with a fluent accent.
The only difference is that it will be harder to to get the accent because men and women speak so differently.
It takes time and a lot of exercise in order to get your voice to sound like a fluent female speaker.
Do not let the easy sayings like "practice enough and you'll get it" fool you. Its hard to learn a language and even more difficult to speak like a native speaker.

When I started, I told myself that if I'm not going to sound 100% like a fluent female speaker then I wasn't going to do it. So I searched online and found all these helpful guides and stuff... but they weren't giving the results that I wanted to hear, nor did they sound logical.

I hope to make this blog into a place where serious people who are not afraid of the hardwork that it takes to change your voice from male to completely female.

I will not bullshit you and will tell you what has helped me.


  1. I tell you, from your voice, I would have figured you to be, at least, a decade younger than your stated age!

    To be honest, the easy sayings like "practice enough and you'll get it" has been working for me so far, and I believe it's better than those who do not practice it at all. :)

  2. Hi. I think the practicing works to an extent.
    But you're right, practicing does still workout the muscles and help you sound like a female.I just think the ability to practice will be limited if you don't have enough room to practice. And that muscle limit just isn't enough to give most people the results they are looking for.

    I intentionally sound younger all the time because it pushes my voice to a convincing extreme so that my muscles are still being exercised through normal speech. ^^ I do try to sound older though but people always tell me I sound like a teenager.
    Once I feel that my muscles are exercised enough, its going to take some practice to sound older. :D

  3. I missed this - 'When I started, I told myself that if I'm not going to sound 100% like a fluent female speaker then I wasn't going to do it.'

    I feel the same way! I don't know if it's possible to ever fully, or mostly eradicate all traces of male voice, but the way you put it makes it sound so possible, that it's a great motivator.

    And if it wasn't apparent, I am evevoices on Youtube. :P evevoices is the #1 fan of shevoice. :)