Friday, February 6, 2009

Monitor your voice while exercising and practicing

A big motivational thing you can do is monitor your voice while training.
You should record your voice and play it back to hear the end results to your training, but I find it very encouraging for me to listen to myself in 'real time' so that I can hear what needs to be worked on and change it right then and there.

'Real Time' is like listening to yourself speak LIVE.
I use a very small program called FunnyVoice that allows you to lower and raise the pitch of your voice in real time.

What you want to do is set the pitch to ZERO(Normal voice) and train from there. But if you find it more encouraging to practice in a lower pitch or a higher pitch, then do so. I use to practice in both and now only practice at a normal pitch, so I'm not fooling myself.

If you care- Here are the benefits to hearing yourself train in a different pitch.

Higher pitch:
Pros- This Makes you to somewhat freely work on your accent, articulation, enunciation ect. without feeling that you pitch isn't high enough.

Cons - You may feel upset that your pitch is not naturally that higher.

Lower pitch:
Pros- You can seriously work on your pitch without hearing that you sound very loud squeaky and offkey. It also taught me to speak a bit slower.

Cons- If you don't lower it to a point where your voice sounds very distorted, you might confuse that deep voice with your real voice, so much that it gets depressing. But you can just go back to normal and hear that your pitch has actually increased.

Have fun: FunnyVoice


  1. :D I am going to have so much fun with this!

    I'm surprised you're not more popular on Youtube, with all the great stuff you have. Maybe only those who are SERIOUS and mean BUSINESS look at your stuff.

    The Serious Transsexual's Guide to Developing a Female Voice. :)

  2. I'm looking forward to more tips from you. Your voice is really good. You have good fluctuations. Thanks for the inspiration!

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